I first studied stained glass in 1981 at New York State University and have since been fascinated by the many facets of glass creation and its application in the home and commercial environments.

Part time work at the Glasserie Studio in New York and teaching adult education courses gave me the knowledge and desire to explore other ways to create art with glass. I welcomed the opportunity to move back to England in 1990, bought a kiln a few years later and started experimenting with kiln glass forming.

My inspiration comes from many areas, but currently it is steeped in history. I live in Frome, Somerset which made its money from the cloth industry so I have been researching Woad and the Blue dyers who lived and worked locally in the 1700's. 

My aim is to capture a similar feeling in my glass with the added dimension of the effect of light, transparency and colour. I have produced a range of decorative ware, panels and lights. These pieces are formed in the kiln in multiple stages. Different metals and enamels are inserted between two or more layers of glass, images are screen printed on the surface and the glass is fused in the kiln at high temperature and then cooled very slowly. Pieces may be fired several times to achieve the desired effect and then finished by cold working. This type of glass is designed to be enjoyed as a display piece with the light playing on the subtlety of the colours and textures or for functional use in the home (but not in the dishwasher please).


  • Blue - 2009
  • Small Picture Gallery - Frome - 2009
  • 1707 - an inspiration, Rook Lane Chapel Tercentenary Frome 2007 - Curated exhibition and presented new work
  • Emerging Glass Artists South West Rook Lane Chapel Frome 2004
  • Corporation of London Libraries - London - 2001
  • Hotbath Gallery - Bath - 2000
  • Lacock Pottery - 1999
  • Rooksmoor Gallery - Bath 1999
  • Somerset Art Week 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009
  • Bear Flat Artist Trail Bath 2006, 2007, 2008


  • Screen Printing on Glass - Bruce McLaughlin Manchester CT USA 2000
  • Central St Martins - Glass Fusing 2002
  • Advanced Fusing - Vitrum Glass - Judith Conway
  • Screen printing - Avery Anderson - Bethesda USA 2003
  • Glass Fusing - Creative Glass Kent 2004

I would highly recommend any course at Creative Glass in Kent, they are very supportive and the tutors are fantastic. Judith Conway from Vitrum Glass in America teaches a class that should not be missed.